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Why we built DressMyHorse...

When I had my first pony, an amazing dun called Raudy, someone once told me 'his colour' was green. Apparently it was a good fit with his coat colour. Not daring to argue, I purchased everything for the pony in the colour green; pads, head collars, rugs and even green browbands, which were difficult to find back in the day.

To be honest, I didn't even particularly like green, but I absolutely adored this pony and since it was his colour, green soon became my favourite colour, up to this day.

This all happened 20 years ago, which really makes me feel old. There wasn't as much colour choice as there is today, which I sometimes think is both a blessing and a curse.

But it wasn't until recently that I found myself facing a dilemma: I had acquired a chestnut! Now to many this is a dilemma in more than one way, but to me, at the time, my biggest worry was which colours would suit that very reddish coat of his.

For me, buying that first new matching set for a new horse is a big thing, I just want to get it right. Of course I am aware it is quite irrational; I could also buy a nice set later, and it's not like I need a new set anyway.

Having been inspired by users in equestrian forums who photoshop saddle pads onto their horses before purchase, I simply asked my technically-minded partner to do the same for me, and it was brilliant! It was a great help with my decision. I asked friends for advice and didn't have to worry about the colour clashing with his coat.

This was the first mock up that sparked the idea for DressMyHorse

But that wasn't the start of DressMyHorse... yet.

It wasn't until about a year later that I was doing some chores and found myself again wondering which colours, from the newly released collections, would look best on my horse. Then all of a sudden it hit me: instead of me having to bother my partner to edit pads onto my pony, we could make the technology accessible to everyone with an app. Well, it was more work than just mocking up the odd picture, but why not dare to try and dream big?

And we did it! We built DressMyHorse, because of an awkwardly red chestnut and its indecisive owner.

We really hope you also enjoy the app. Please share your favourite looks with us on Instagram and Facebook! We can't wait to see what you make out of it!

Until next time,

Sonja x

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